• Abigail Smith

The Universe, the Planets & You

I believe the Universe is not just an expanse, but rather a system through which the Creator God— Conscious Life —experiences Itself. If this is the case, then all things which exist must have a function that serves this intention. All things which exist must function together to facilitate— or at least, to allow —Life to experience Itself. 

To the best of my understanding, the planetary spheres aren't merely representations of the gods. They are "gods"; the immortal themes, or the Elohim. They are the keepers of the themes of our physical experience on earth: Saturn, for structure; Jupiter, for expansivity; Mars, for vital energy; Venus, for sensuality; Earth, for receptivity; Mercury, for expression; the Sun, for creativity; Neptune, for transcendence; Uranus, for detachment; and Pluto, for regeneration. I cannot speculate or presume to know whether or not they are organisms, but with or without consciousness of their own, each planet, just like every one of us, has a frequency of its own. This is the source of the ability in each to have an affect on us; and its disembodiment, its source of immortality.

At the time of our birth, the cosmic spheres each have a unique placement in the sky, which can be seen in our astrological natal chart: the seed of who we are at the very moment we make our first debut. At the time of our birth, we each enter the world with grasping fists, saying, “I am the center of the Universe!”, but even as all the world we know revolves around us, we have no control over anything that happens. We are helpless babies, and all the themes of the physical existence manifest themselves in our lives as told by our natal charts. 

But as we grow, we begin to release this grasp, and yet we gain increasing control over how we respond to these themes. We determine how much we allow ourselves to be ruled by them. Who hasn’t handed over their power to Mars, giving in to their anger, and allowing it to throw us out of balance? Who hasn’t caved to the seduction of Venus, promising enjoyment from indulgence, and later regretted it? Our natal charts reveal to us not only how each cosmic sphere first begins to affect our lives, but also how their placements will create interaction with each other through us. The natal chart gives us the blueprint for how we need to outgrow our tendencies to imbalance. But we are not to use our natal charts to govern our daily lives, or to do what the planets would "allow" us to do with ease. We are called to live beyond them. Living within the themes— glorifying any of the cosmic spheres with our lives —is the best way to allow them to rule us forever. We are not to worship these "gods", but to acknowledge them, and then to outgrow them by bringing these themes into balance within us. By experiencing them all in their proper measure, keeping sight of the goal of the Spirit, you no longer are ruled by the planetary gods. We are meant to reunify with God. Life itself. Perfect Harmony. Your spirit is a Divine Child of The Divine Masculine and Feminine. But it doesn't stop with you. By living out a life where the themes are in balance within you, you reflect back a new, harmonious frequency, and act as one more instrument in tune with Conscious Life. Just by Being, you bring the cosmic spheres closer to harmony (though they seem to be resistant as we are!). You become an agent of balance. Radiating with the glow of the cosmic spheres in accord with one another, you pass this balance on to others, bringing them closer to harmony— bringing all closer to God. 

We are not just at the center of the Universe… The Universe is also at our center. God is in our hearts. God is Love. What is love? Love is the culmination of all the Great Virtues, which we exercise by participating in the goal to achieve balance. We know real love when we see it— we know it to be life-giving, to have integrity, and to be all-embracing. If we can contain these things, if Love can reside within us, then the Universe is certainly as much internal as external. There is as much "space" within every atom as in the cosmos. "As above, so below. As within, so without," is the saying. The corruption of this phrase in practice is simply to believe that the cosmic themes are the Universe: that the atoms, the planets, the flesh, the physical, is God! No. God is everything between. God is the current that courses within the physical (the Masculine), and the abyss the physical is embraced by (the Feminine). All the vibrating things, from the planets to the atoms of your body, are here to experience God, emitting their frequencies to find harmony with one another and to become one with God again: to “love God back”. You are not a physical being, although your body contains you. You are an eternal spirit, embodied to transmute energy; to take in what is infinite from finite sources and reflect it back, purified. You are designed to bring ALL back into harmony.

In a state of disharmony, there seems to be more and more fragments of Conscious Life. There are more beings, and the Universe seems to continue to expand. But as the Universe becomes one with itself again, it all comes closer together, ready to accept Itself. The Big Bang, the Little Crunch. Spreading out, and then coming back together. This is the importance of astrology: to understand what you're here for, and how to bring yourself back into balance. To play in tune, so that others might hear it and join in. To transmute discord into euphonia.

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