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Wholly Good News: Compost Pedallers are Now A Thing!

"Would you rather grow food, or landfills?" asked Dustin Fedako, CEO of eco-business "Compost Pedallers" in Austin, TX. The answer is obvious, but Justin Fedako and his team have found a creative solution to the problem. For less than $20/month, the team provides residential customers with a starter kit, compost bin, and yard sign. After customers are provided with their kit, the team comes by weekly on bicycles to pick up and clean the compost bin, taking the scraps to local farmers who can use to degradable waste to grow more food. They also offer their services to food service providers, promising to cut down on the landfill-contribution of these businesses by over 80%; and also to offices, whose waste-footprint can be reduced by over 30% through use of the composting service alone.

Opting into this service is an amazing way for families to cut down on waste without having to do the "dirty work" of composting themselves, and it's an especially great option for renters who may not have permission or space to compost. The average family produces about 4.4 lbs of waste per day-- over 1,600 lbs/year! --but by opting into a compost pick-up service, participating households can boast a 35% decrease in their environmental footprint. This means that for each participating household, about 500 lbs of compost could be created per year to be used at local farms. Of course, even if this service isn't yet available in your area, you could compost for yourself and reap the benefits of a homegrown vegetable garden. The Compost Pedallers offer a "definitive A-Z guide" to which waste items can and cannot be composted, and the editors of "Rodale's Organic Life" have a great guide to getting started.

Compost Pedallers' 4-member team has had a lot to be proud of during the course of their 5 years of service. As of June 2017, they touted the following list of achievements on the popular Growing A Greener World website:

That degree of impact simply astounds me. Imagine what could be accomplished if every major city had have a team of "compost pedallers"! And the idea isn't too far-fetched: In fact, the best news of all is that CompostNow.com offers an ever-growing list of compost service providers all over the United States, and the idea is also spreading to Canada. (Fun Fact: New York has the greatest number of these pick-up services with eleven different businesses listed on the website!) With an idea like this one catching on in so many places, it's encouraging to know that many people really do care about the environment and want to make a change, and so many wonderful people will participate in making the world a greener place when presented the opportunity.

For more information about the Compost Pedallers and other services providers like them, check out their website here, or watch Growing a Greener World's film featuring CEO Dustin Fedako and CFO Eric Goff here.

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