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Wholly Good News: Haute Gifts that Spread Hope

Meet Jess Puccinelli, the inspiring entrepreneur who imagined "Haute Hope" gift boxes, who left her day job to bring her dream to life! "Gift Well, Do Good" is the slogan for her shop, where she sells beautiful curated gift boxes that benefit more than just the recipient.

"Every product in every gift box has a cause tied to it or positively impacts the world," says Jess on her website, "We vet every product and promise to bring you the best and most ethical goods out there." Even down to the beautiful packaging- sustainably-sourced wooden keepsake boxes, ribbons, and fair-trade bouquets -everything Jess sells is eco-friendly, and many components of her gift boxes come from companies who give back to charitable causes. These companies include "Firepot Tea", whose mission is to empower women with their fair trade teas; "Bee Raw", who sells honey in an effort to save the bees; "The Created Co.", whose company sells ceramic products and donates 10% of its profits to bring clean water to people in need; and many others.

The message of "Haute Hope" is clear: the best gifts are those that are mindful. Each product in her gift boxes not only gives back to amazing causes; they also serve as reminders to the recipient to wind down, relax, and savor the moment. Her boxes encourage morning and nighttime rituals for self-care, showing gratitude for your loved ones, and also remind us that "in order to pour into others, we must first pour into ourselves." With relaxing scented candles, soft towels, sweet-smelling fair-trade floral arrangements, soothing chamomile tea, and other pampering gifts, recipients are sure to feel refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the world with renewed vigor.

Lastly, when you make a purchase from "Haute Hope", you also support the uplifting intentions of an inspiring woman of color, whose success encourages and empowers other women to follow their dreams, and to make their business one of generosity and thoughtfulness. You can read more about Jess Puccinelli on her blog "Re Gift", as well as supporting her through her website, Haute-Hope.com.

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