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Wholly Good News: Ocean "Pura"-fying Bracelets

Saving the ocean has never been more important than it is today, nor more stylish! The Pura Vida company is spreading its sunny message appreciating life's little things with its beautiful, simple bracelets. Pura Vida, meaning "pure life" in Spanish, encourages people to slow down and live gratefully, rather than take nature or the people in your life for granted, and the company really walks the talk!

It all started when two young men from Southern California took a graduation trip to Costa Rica and crossed paths with two poor bracelet artisans, Jorge and Jaoquin. Griffin Thall and Paul Goodwin, who saw the humble way the artisans lived with their families, decided to purchase a bowl full of their colorful bracelets and sell them back home. But they never could have anticipated their success! When the bracelets sold out, the two graduates teamed up with their artisan friends to spread their message of living mindfully, simply, and in harmony with nature. 8 years later, their artisanal team has grown to include over 200 people, whose living conditions have improved with meaningful and steady employment, and the team has paired up with 174 different charities, each representing an important cause.

At least 20 of these charities are specifically aimed at solving environmental issues, ranging from broad issues such as ocean and beach clean-up, to the conservation of specific endangered animal species, such as the dolphin and green sea turtle. ("Good News" Fact: Pura Vida offers a bracelet that donates to a charity supporting the sea manatee, but due to the collective efforts mankind to improve the wellbeing of these gentle creatures, they have been taken off the endangered species list in March, 2017!) For example, Pura Vida acts as a platform for the Oceanic Preservation Society, whose mission is to "expose complex, global environmental issues and promote advocacy through the use of film, photography, social media, and collaboration." Other charities include those for mental health awareness, cancer research, women's causes, veterans, as well as those that provide funding for education. Pura Vida donates 10% of the net profit from each bracelet to its corresponding charity. As of today, Pura Vida has raised over $1.4 million for these amazing organizations, making an impact on the world in so many ways... with simplicity, humility, and style.

Inspired? Check out PuraVidaBracelets.com, or start helping out in your own amazing way! It can start as simple as a bowlful of bracelets. Happy Monday!

Top image from PuraVida website, featuring bracelets "Suncrisp Skies", "Carnival Bazaar", "Indigo Daze", and "Tribal Glow": click here!

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