1 oz. packet of Whole Calendula Flowers.
Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis
Common Names: Gold-bloom, Marigold, Marybud, Pot Marigold
Origin: Egypt     Certified: Kosher, USDA Organic

Uses: Calendula flower tea is most commonly use to reduce fever, and also as a relaxant. It may also be useful to promote menstrual regularity and to bring on your period. (Not safe during pregnancy!) The tea may also be useful for treating sore throats.
Calendula tea used as a mouthwash, especially combined with rosemary, and ginger for 2 weeks, has been shown to decrease plaque, gum inflammation, and bleeding.

Calendula is also often used in personal care items, such as coconut oil infusions with other herbs to make soothing skin creams, or in homemade shampoos. It is frequently used to treat diaper rash on babies, and also topically to treat chapped lips and other skin irritations. Can also be used in making potpourri. 

Serving: 1 tsp/day in 8 oz. boiling water. Steep 3-4 minutes @ 212°.
Safety Rating: Safe when used at recommended dose.
Not recommended for pregnant women. 
Contraindicated for those allergic to plants in the Asteraceae/Compositae plant family, which include ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and others. 

Calendula Flowers

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