You don't need water and sunlight to liven up your room with this beautiful gemstone tree décor. Its leaves are made of natural healing gemstones of your choice.

Feng Shui is the art of creating balance, harmony, and a smooth flow of chi (life force) energy while allowing chi through the décor of your home. A feng shui gemstone Tree of Life has the ability to create what is known as a “feng shui cure” to assist in the flow of this energy. Balance can be brought to a different aspects of your life using each of the various gemstones.

Gemstone Feng Shui Bonsai

  • Amethyst: Healing, Spiritual Growth, Phsical Wellbeing
    Citrine: Career, Acclaim, Manifestation/Creative Energy

    Clear Quartz: Clarity, Spiritual Attunement, Peace
    Aventurine: Good Fortune, Career, Prosperity
    Mixed Stone: Success, Courage, Notoriety

  • Small
    Dimension (Approximately): 3.5" H

    Dimension (Approximately): 7" H

    Dimension (Approximately): 12" H