Give a gift that's soft, unique, and inspires imaginative play! At the heart of Noodoll’s design ethos is playfulness, uniqueness and quality. Noodoll toys bridge the gap between collectable design items and children’s plush toys, and with this they make great design accessible to everyone.

  • CE certified for ages 0+. Made from soft fibers.
    Embroidered face.
  • Hand-finished in the UK.
  • Dimensions: Size: 8" x 7.5"
  • About Noodoll: Noodoll is a contemporary character-led design brand based in London. Established by designer Yiying Wang in 2009, Noodoll began as an illustrated book featuring a cast of monsters who were made from rice and noodles. They now feature their happy Ricemonsters as plush toys, stationery and accessories and distribute them worldwide!
  • Notes: Machine wash with cold water.

    (Pictures courtesy of Noodolls!)

Noodoll Veggie Ricemonsters

$17.50 Regular Price
$14.88Sale Price
  • Ricesweet: Ricesweet has light pink super soft fur with embroidered face and body. Ricesweet is gentle and shy!

    Ricepear: Ricepear is a cheeky Ricemonster who always has something to say, but he means well!

    Ricecrunch: Ricecrunch has orange super soft fur with a sweet embroidered face and body and cheeky personality.

    Each character features a handy strap which you can attach to bags, prams, your baby cot or anywhere else you might need a pal. Perfect for babies to cuddle and chew and for grown ups to collect and display!