1 oz. packet of Powdered Turmeric.
Botanical Name: Curcuma longa
Common Names: Curcumin, Jiang Huang
Origin: India     Certified: Kosher, USDA Organic

Uses: Turmeric is popular in Indian and Asian cooking, and can be brewed into a delicious, spicy, coconut milk latte. It is credited with a long list of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-aging properties. Many people use this herb to lower their cholestrol and blood sugar levels, and studies have shown that regularly consuming turmeric can help in prevention of diabetes. It is also frequently used in cleansing face masks to prevent and treat acne.

Another common use of turmeric is treatment for IBS and other digestive discomforts, and it is being studied for usefulness in treatment against ulcerative colitis. Turmeric may also be useful in relieving migraines.

Serving: 0.125 tsp/day
Safety Rating: Safety Class 2B & 2D (According to MediHerb: Contraindications and Cautions)
Not recommended for medicinal use for pregnant or nursing women. (Safe to use sparingly in meals.)
Contraindicated in obstruction of bile passages and for those with gallstones. Not for use by those suffering ulcers or hyperacidity. Occasional cases of allergic dermatitis reported. Contraindicated for those experiencing hair loss.
Be cautious of over exposure to sunlight after topical application.
Consult a physician about dosage if you are on antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs.

Turmeric Powder